Terms and Conditions Of Hire

Waterwalkerz Events Ltd

Contract Terms & Conditions for Temporary Events.

1. Terms of Payment: As specified on the invoice provided at time of booking, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

2. Contract Price: The quotation will be prepared from details provided by the client; consequently, we reserve the right to vary the contract price following a site inspection, or if site demands differ from materials quoted for, or otherwise specified by the Client or his Agent.

3. Hire Agreement: The submission of a completed booking form will form a contract between the client and Waterwalkerz Events Ltd. The invoice will detail the services and materials offered by Waterwalkerz Events Ltd and dates the service is to be supplied based on the information provided on the booking form. No mobilization of the materials will occur before 50% of the invoice total as a deposit has been received as in #1 above.

Your required date will still be open to other bookings until the deposit is received by Waterwalkerz Events Ltd.

4. Cancellations: Your deposit will not be refunded if any cancellation is made within 2 weeks of the event date specified on the booking form.

However the deposit may be refunded if our staff agrees with the client it is unsafe to run the activity. E.g. extreme weather, political climate etc. or if due to unforeseen circumstances, Waterwalkerz Events have to cancel the booking.

5. Insurance: Waterwalkerz Events Ltd is to provide Public Liability Insurance to the value of £5m and must provide proof of cover if requested by the client. This will be in the name of either Waterwalkerz Events Ltd or National Zorbing Services (a trusted partner and service provider) dependent on which team has been allocated to attend the client’s event.

6. Site Security: It is understood that, if requested, secure space will be allocated for storage of materials, vehicles and accommodation units on site within reasonable distance of the work area.

Client is to provide reasonable security for materials installed on site.

7. Ownership: All materials delivered and installed on site remain the property of Waterwalkerz Events Ltd.

8. Power: Client to provide 240v or 110v electrical supply for fixed installations e.g. pumps. Unless agreed otherwise prior to set-up.

9. Damage and loss of materials: Any damage to the installation, other than reasonable wear and tear, or loss of materials, will be charged extra.

10. Access: The client will provide safe access for vehicles, staff and equipment to allow for set-up of the activities.

11. Mains water supply: Client is to obtain permission from local water provider for any temporary water connection(s) for the event. Client will be responsible for paying any metered water charges.

Waterwalkerz Events Ltd will state how long we will need to fill our inflatable pools based on using a standard tap and hose at normal water pressure. We will not be responsible for non-operation of the activity due to inadequate time provided by the client.

12. Lifeguards: If the activities are to be run in a public swimming pool, the client must provide Lifeguards as required for any other swimming session. If the activities are to be run in a river or canal, the client must arrange for a safety monitoring boat or similar measures to be present.

13. Contract: Completion and submission of an Activity Booking Form confirms you agree with these terms and conditions.